Mirta & Alan - July 8, 2007

Stewart Bertrand made our engagement and wedding photography extra special in every way possible. Stewart and his team went beyond what I ever expected or imagined from a wedding photographer and his team. They worked from the moment we woke up until late hours of the night. Stewart is a perfectionist. His artistic eye captured the most intimate and beautiful moments of our wedding. Stewart is not a photographer that ever looks at his watch, he is an artist who diligently creates until he is completely satisfied with his work. Stewart and his team were extremely professional and hard working. We found Stewart taking photos from every angle and location possible. He even poped out of nowhere in a convertible car taking photos of us while we rode the carriage to our hotel. While I was getting ready for the ceremony he climbed into the hotel bathtub so that he could capture the moment of me applying make-up. His team took time to find the most romantic and unique locations for our engagement photos. The quality of our engagement and wedding photos and the memories they hold are priceless. Stewart was not just an incredibly creative photographer but someone who had the most pleasant and fun personality to work with. He made me feel so comfortable as a bride because he was almost invisible and yet he was with me throughout the entire bridal preparation. We have recommended Stewart to friends and family members and will be using his services to photograph our newborn baby. I suggest that you look no further and choose the very talented and creative Stewart Bertrand if you simply want the best wedding photographer!


Carrin & Jonathan June 16, 2012

I had Stewart Bertrand for my wedding photographer and could not be happier. Stewart Bertrand is an amazing photographer! Run, don't walk, to a computer or phone to get in contact with him for your wedding. Pictures for my wedding was one of my top priorities. Stewart did everything I wanted and more! He is talented, kind, caring, flexible, and easy going. He will tailor what type/style of pictures you want for your wedding. 

Your wedding day goes by extremely fast and it’s very hard to remember the details when it’s over. Stewart captured all the details of my wedding. When I look back at my wedding pictures, my wedding day is comes alive again and I get to relive the wonderful memories. Without Stewart’s pictures, I would not be able to do this. Beautiful pictures, an excellent photographer, and lasting memories. What more could you ask for? I am so thankful to have had Stewart Bertrand as my photographer. I still get compliments on my wedding photos. You will love what he can do for your wedding. Words really cannot express how great he is on all levels for wedding photography.


Maria & Mark March 24, 2007

We got married 5 years ago in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The photos that Stewart took are gorgeous and serve as priceless reminders of a beautiful weekend filled with family and friends. Stewart didn’t just document the event – he captured the essence of the weekend. The laughter, the tears, and the joy that we all experienced come through the photos. His style is unique and irreverent (sort of like us) and he approaches weddings respectfully but with a twist. We continue to get compliments on our photos to this day. In fact, we are planning our 5 year anniversary reunion in Mexico and our first call was to Stewart to see if he could join. We’re thrilled that he can!